• Program

    To the Moon

    August 18, 2019

    ISS Flyover (Meechan)
    Lullaby to the Moon (Balmages)
    Seas of the Moon (Buckley)
    I. Sea of Tranquility
    Foaming Sea
    III. Sea of Clouds
    IV. Serpent Sea
    Crescent Moon Dance, from Hibike! Euphonium (Matsuda arr. Chang)
    Laniakea (Wilds)
    Jupiter, from The Planets (Holst)
    Hymn to the Infinite Sky (Yagisawa)

  • Program


    June 15, 2019

    Fantasia in G (Mahr)
    Amazing Grace (Ticheli)
    Children’s March (Grainger)
    Fantasia for Alto Saxophone (Smith)
    Red Rose Fantasy (Hunter)
    Lothlorien, from Symphony No. 1 (de Meij)
    Encircled (Dagenais)
    Oracles of the Sirocco (Barrett)

  • Program


    April 13, 2019

    Fall Fair (Ridout arr. Fralick)
    First Suite in E-flat (Holst)
    Suite Dreams (Bryant)
    Concerto for Trumpet and Wind Ensemble (Mikulka)
    Shrine of the Fallen (Balmages)
    Rhosymedre (Vaughan Williams arr. Beeler)
    Serenade, Op. 22c (Bourgeois)
    Sleep (Whitacre)
    Terpsichorean Dances (Blackshaw)
    Baba Yetu (Tin arr. Wagner)

  • Program

    Portraits of the North

    December 12, 2018

    Aurora Borealis (Galante)
    Bogoroditse Devo (arr. Gandhi)
    Midnight Sleigh Ride (arr. Wallace)
    Arctic Fire (Buckley)
    Land of the Midnight Sun (Buckley)
    Iditarod (Buckley)
    Sparkling Lights (Conaway)
    Fantasy on the Huron Carol (arr. Buckley)
    The Sweet Sounds of Snowfall (Nishimura)
    A Medieval Christmas (Sparke)
    Sleigh Ride (Anderson)

  • Program

    Trills & Thrills

    October 26, 2018

    Chant Rituals (Del Borgo)
    Dusk (Bryant)
    Satiric Dances (Dello Joio)
    Arachnophobia and Fugue (Bach/Meredith)
    Incantation and Dance (Chance)
    Shadow Rituals (Markowski)
    Chorale in C Minor (Bach/Topolewski)
    Selections from Phantom of the Opera (arr. Barker)
    Music for a Darkened Theatre (Elfman/Brown)