Interested in joining RRW?  Here’s what you need to know!



Our rehearsals are held on Thursday evenings, from 7:30 to 9:30 PM, at Woburn Collegiate Institute.  All ages are welcome!



To join the ensemble, you must own your own instrument (percussionists excepted), and participate in a ten-minute placement interview/audition.  The purpose of these interviews/auditions is to determine seating placement within the sections, and to ensure that our potential new members are a good fit for the ensemble. You will be auditioned by two or three members of the band executive.  Your audition will be ten minutes long, and consist of a short interview about yourself and your musical background, followed by your performance of the scales and excerpts from the audition packages below.

Please do not let these auditions deter you from joining!  Yes, we do play more advanced repertoire than the typical community band, but we’ve yet to turn anyone away due to playing ability.  If you’re up for the challenge are willing to put in the work, you’ll find that we are quite welcoming!




Membership Fees

The ensemble charges a membership fee of $200 each year in order to cover the cost of the rehearsal space, purchasing music, and our general operation. We may be able to make accommodations for members with financial concerns.