• Program

    City Trees

    October 22, 2022

    Skyline, Hammell
    City Trees, Markowski
    Wilderness, Nishimura
    River Poem, Grant

    Earthdance, Sweeney
    Wolf Song (Takaya Slulem), Baker, arr. Buckley
    Bluebell, Nishimura
    Of Sailors and Whales, McBeth

  • Concert

    City Trees

    Rouge River Winds presents
    City Trees
    Saturday, October 22, 2022 | 7:39 PM
    Scarborough Citadel, 2021 Lawrence Ave., E
    Tickets at the door; $20 Adults, $15 Students/Seniors/Arts Workers


    Skyline (Hammell, Evan)
    City Trees (Markowski, Michael)
    Wilderness (Nishimura, Cait)
    River Poem (Grant, Tyler S.)
    Earthdance (Sweeney, Michael)
    Wolf Song “Takaya Slulem” (Baker, arr. Buckley)
    Bluebell (Nishimura, Yukiko)
    Of Sailors and Whales (McBeth, W. Francis)