• Program

    Summer Soundtracks

    August 20, 2016

    Young Person’s Guide to John Williams (Williams arr. Bocoook)
    The Wizard of Oz (Arlen arr. Barnes)
    Viktor’s Tale (Williams arr. Lavendar)
    Excerpts from the Rite of Spring (Stravinsky arr. Buckley)
    The Magnificent Seven (Berstein arr. Phillipe)
    A Kaleidoscope of Mathematics (Horner arr. Gandhi)
    Music for a Darkened Theatre (Elfman arr. Brown)
    Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Williams arr. Bocook)

  • Concert

    Summer Soundtracks II

    Rouge River Winds (formerly known as the U of T Scarborough Community Concert Band)
    presents our Summer concert
    “Summer Soundtracks II”
    with Music Director Pratik Gandhi
    and Soloists Katherine Thompson & Shilpa Sharma

    Saturday August 20, 7:30 PM
    St. Dunstan of Canterbury Church (56 Lawson Road)
    Tickets $5 at the door