(1) This year!

  • Purpose of meeting (Ainsley)
  • Review 2017-18 Accomplishments (Ainsley)
  • Financial Report (Priya)
  • Member Survey Results (Subrina)
  • Concert Review (Dan)

(2) Business!

  • Ratify Constitution (Ainsley)
  • Executive Updates (Ainsley)

(3) Next year!

  • Goals for 2018-19 (Tharshi)
  • Concerts for 2018-19 (Pratik)
  • Thank you (Ainsley)

2017-18 Accomplishments

  • Concerts
    • Significant increases in our audience size
    • Venue upgrade!  Scarborough Citadel should be an incredible concert.
  • Continue to obtain percussion/other assets
    • Instruments: Tuba, Temple Blocks, Cabasa, Tambourine
    • Library: Spanish Dance, Let the Bells Ring, Firebird
  • Projects
    • Snow Angel transcription
    • Solo competition
  • Marketing
    • Create official logo for marketing and merchandise purposes
  • Administrative
    • Not-for-profit/charitable status
    • Application has been submitted and we should hear back in a few weeks.
    • Decreased fees for rehearsal venues
    • Finalized our constitution, bylaws, and election process
    • Increased transparency:  executive minutes, constitution made available to members

Financial Report

2017-18 Financial Summary

Membership Survey Results


Full Results

Members are expected to:

  • learn their music at home, on their own time
  • attend rehearsals on a regular basis, and follow the Band’s absence reporting procedure (below)
  • be punctual for rehearsals, concerts, and events
  • adhere to the dress code for concerts and events
  • promote audience attendance at concerts
  • pay their annual membership fee by their third rehearsal with the Band
  • act in a way that does not disrupt the operation or the reputation of the Band

Absence Reporting Procedure

  • All absences should be reported to
  • Conflicts with rehearsals should be reported at least 48 hours in advance
  • Conflicts with concert dates should be reported by the fourth rehearsal prior to the concert, or earlier
  • Illnesses and other emergencies should be reported with as much notice as possible

Concert Review

Constitution & Bylaws

Constitution & Bylaws

2018-19 Executive

  • President: Tharshi Sivathason
  • Vice President: Ainsley Lawson
  • Librarian: (vacant)
  • Membership Coordinator: Subrina Sookram
  • Treasurer: Priya Sivathason
  • Concert Coordinator: (vacant)
  • Communications Coordinator: Nila Muraleetharan
  • Members at Large: Jenna Ramjit-McKellar, Genevieve Mullally

Goals for 2018-19

  • Growing the library
    • We want to own more music instead of borrowing music from other groups. It’s great for cutting down costs but we want to have great staple pieces in our library like Hounds of Spring and Armenian. Eventually, we want to move away from photocopying and hand out originals in folders.
  • Concert schedule available at beginning of year
    • We want to have our concerts scheduled at the beginning of the year to allow you guys to work around when the concerts. If we have a list of dates at the beginning of the year of when each concert will be, we hope it will reduce the amount of conflicts that come up.
  • Social events + encourage band members to get to know each other
    • It seems like you all want to do more social events. We will try to plan more in the following year. Let us know what you’d like to do!
  • Formalize mentorship program
    • We have wanted to do this for a while and will be formalizing the mentorship program in the following year. What does this mean? We will be assigning buddies to our younger members so they know who to talk to if they need any help. We will also be providing information to parents about what this program is.
  • Launch sponsorship program
    • We will be trying to get local businesses to sponsor us by offering to advertise their business at our concerts.
  • Grants
    • As you know we would like to own our own percussion gear one day. We have been slowly adding to our auxiliary percussion which is great! We have been getting by with the help of St. John’s Music and Long & McQuade but it isn’t sustainable. We will be looking to apply to more grants next year.

2018-19 Concert Season